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Orchestrating your business to engage and serve your customers

You maybe a financial institution, automotive dealer or government department, where an intuitive chatbot can engage your customer to elicit the best service your organization can offer thus eliminating possibilities of missed calls, bad communication, delayed response or an whimsical agent. The consistency & quick response will not only give you a distinct advantage but also help you track the messages to analyze and improve your service delivery.

BOT Chestra, a sharp & clever chatbot from S4M will be your new channel, alternating or complementing your call center or the sales team

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The future is here

Chatbots are not just the future, they are here and now. Your customers want them today, and you need them too

Add a little personality

Chatbots are a great way to add a little personality and fun to your corporate communication. 12% of bots on Messenger have had someone ask them to tell a joke or amusing anecdote.

Enhance your customer service

Gartner predicts that chatbots will power 85% of all customer service interactions by 2020. 51% of people believe a business should be available 24/7, 49% prefer messaging to an actual phone call. Nearly one half of your customers want to reach you at all hours of the day, and want it to be via a messaging app.

Stay connected on all platforms

Service oriented industries are increasingly moving towards messaging apps to engage and serve their customers

Process Workflow

A process workflow defines the business process in the
form of a flowchart. BOT Chestra uses the process
workflow to execute the business process.
Process workflow can be created using
Intents, Entities and Actions.


An Intent represents an action that the user wants to
perform. Account Opening, Paying Bills
are examples of Intents.


An entity represents a term or object that provides
context for an intent. For the intent ‘Account
Opening’, ‘First Name’ and ‘Last Name’
are two entities.


Actions are used to execute main process or
sub process in the process workflow.
Actions are REST APIs that calls a service to
perform a specific task or set of tasks.

Knowledge Unit

Knowledge Units are reusable components.  This helps
an Organization to enhance the available component
rather than building it from the scratch. An example
can be Funds Transfer Knowledge Unit, it will have the
necessary Intents, Entities and Process Workflows the
customer can use right away.

Test Bot

BOT Chestra uses the Process Workflow to execute the
business process. To make sure that, the process
workflow is properly tested and ready, we are offering a
Test Bot by which the process workflow can be tested by
conversing with it. This makes sure that only a properly
configured process workflow will be available for the user.

Integration with Facebook Messenger

BOT Chestra allows to integrate the customers Facebook
business page with BOT Chestra. This provides the
customer to harness the social media channel by which
most users communicate. The users will converse in
Facebook messenger and BOT Chestra will respond back
through Facebook messenger for their queries.

Bilingual Support

BOT Chestra allows the user to converse in Arabic and
English. The users can use the Facebook messenger
and can start conversing with BOT Chestra in Arabic or English.

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