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BOT Chestra was designed and developed by Solutions 4 Mobility (S4M) a Digital and Mobility Solution development company, based in Dubai. S4M comes from a legacy of having delivered complex integration projects for very large Banks, Airlines and Governments across the region for decades. The need to constantly foresee future challenges and technological advancement motivates S4M to consciously invest its efforts and time in new technologies and solutions which would help it’s clientele stay competitive and accelerate.

Established in 2011, Solutions 4 Mobility (S4M), part of Farabi Technology Middle East, positions itself in the digital & mobility arena  aiming to develop partnerships that will expand its footprint and provide access to the emerging market of Smartphones and tablet devices across several platforms such as iOS, Android and more. S4M  aims to provide comprehensive integrated solution that enhances the productivity, easy of use while being cost effective. The aspect that makes S4M unique is that it has a highly skilled team and experts, with strong understanding of Business Processes and Integrations developing state-of-the-art applications that blend seamlessly into the digitally connected lifestyles. S4M’s talented team is totally empowered to create design solutions that can be custom-made for the user community.

While focusing on offering high quality applications to it’s clients, S4M has expanded its services portfolio with the aim to digitalize and mobilize the information available across the enterprise. S4M has a scalable and extensible data integration platform to address the growing need to measure and monitor all the aspects of business and services, and to do it in real time. With rich functionality tailored to the unique demands of banking, automotive, government, airline,  healthcare, insurance, and education sectors, S4M has the capabilities to seamlessly connect front-office activities with back-end systems, ensuring low-cost, real-time processing of key transactions and expedite the development of multi-channel products and services that meet the needs of the demand-driven market.

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