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See how BOT Chestra will transform the way you communicate.

Train your Chatbot

You can create your own BOT by teaching your business terms and services with AI-visioned training engine. This bilingual engine, will help you define the service logic & processes workflow through easy UI and also integrate with your back-end services through ESB or API’s.


BOT Chestra is a chatbot from S4M to power your customer engagements. It will transform the way your customers communicate, 24/7, recording all interactions, thus ensuring business continuity all times.

Unlimited Possibilities

AI has created a new dimension of unrealistic possibilities for entities who are ready to adopt early.  Companies have woken to the fact, technology world is moving into uncharted territories including the elusive millennial segment.

Updates & Support

S4M’s AI team is on constant research and innovation to enhance features, functionalities while supporting it’s existing releases rapidly & fervently.

Quick & Easy Setup

The technology is parameterized with a robust administration module. You can define your process  through a workflow and upload all the key-words of your services continuously thus evolving your NLP engine.


BOT Chestra’s flexible engine allows you to set-up the chatbot to any environment to offer the services. It’s training feature helps an entity to define its own key-words and define the services it wishes to render to its user community.


With the advent of disruptive technologies like Fintech and AI related solutions complementing the same, BOT Chestra is a ready to use chatbot from S4M for the banking industry.

Engage and Energize

You will engage the social media community predominantly the young millennial by catering to their needs quickly, effortlessly and in their modern mode of communication, chatting.

Back-end Integration

With our capability to implement the chatbot quickly while integrating through the API’s and ESB with your complex back-end to capture the services you offer, you will be able to render key services like, transfer, payments, last 5 transaction and more based on your requirements.

Efficient & Cost Saving

Your call center can focus more on human intensive interactions and allow the generic queries to be handled by BOT Chestra.


The automotive industry has come of age in the technology space to engage their customers in convenient and interesting ways.

Business Transformation

The traditional businesses offer apps based services and webchats (call center agents) but have realized the need to have consistent, round-the-clock, dispassionate services to ensure, uniformity, continuity & efficiency in the service offerings, allowing no room to miss a call or result in a disgruntled customer.

Flexible, Speed & Consistent

Chatbot is one channel where the automotive sector can rely upon its flexibility, speed & consistency to engage and empower its customers to avail various services.


BOT Chestra’s bilingual capability allows Arabic speaking customers from across the Middle East to use the chatbot and take advantage of the benefits the dealer offers.

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